Rijksmuseum Tour

Rijksmuseum Tour

Rijksmuseum tour

Private tour in the most important museum of The Netherlands

You can spend a whole day in our most important museum, where art and history meet. We make sure you won’t get lost by showing you the master pieces and other special paintings or objects. Telling you about the influence of time, themes and details in the artworks and the character of their creators.

Length: 2 hours

Highlights: History of the museum, paintings in their context of time and paintings of the great Dutch masters like The Nightwatch by Rembrandt, The Milkmaid by Vermeer, The Merry Family by Jan Steen and other special collections like a selfportrait by Vincent van Gogh.

This private tour can be booked upon request.

Price depends on group size

Reservations: mail us at cityfreetouradam@gmail.com