Red Light District Free Tour

Red Light District Tour

Red Light District Tour

A journey through a unique area

Private tour

In this walk we take you on a journey through a unique area – revealing the secrets behind the windows of this infamous district.

Find out about the history of the oldest part of Amsterdam. How the prostitution once started in the very heart of the city, right next to the church. The many ways in which the government has tried to fight it and how the oldest profession in the world eventually was legalized there.

Experienced guides will show you the openness of the prostitution these days and the unusual way the Dutch deal with complex issues. Making sure you will see all the significant details and hear all the inside information.

Length: 1,5 hours

A reservation is needed

Meeting point: Nieuwmarkt, in front of café restaurant De Waag.

This is the old city gate (looks like a castle, in the middle the square). View on map.

It is a 5-10 min, walk from Dam Square or Central Station.

Language: English

Highlights: The old harbor, history of prostitution, secrets behind the windows, respecting the sexworkers, Casa Rosso and peep shows, red lights and blue lights, fighting human traffic, the smallest street, the oldest coffeeshop and a mix of happenings.

This is a free tour, tip based only.

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