Amsterdam Free Walking Tour

Amsterdam Free Walking Tour

A broad introduction to Amsterdam
Free walking tours (tip-based)

Starting again in May

For this introduction to Amsterdam we created a unique walking tour through the city. We pass famous squares, medieval courtyards and secret churches, typical canal houses and strange seventies architecture, quiet little streets and canals, anonymous sculptures and the places that inspired Rembrandt, the coffeeshops and the infamous Red Light District in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam.

We’ve collected many great stories about Amsterdam. About the events and the people with their practical solutions and liberal way of thinking. All to give you an understanding of the Amsterdam of today.

Find out how Amsterdam once started as a big swamp, where fishermen started digging canals to make the ground livable. The clever ideas that people had for trading and the growing into the golden age. See how the city was influenced by the freedom of religion in the 17th century. When Amsterdam started attracting people from the rest of Europe. Making it soon an international city. Where later the organized Napoleon made big changes. And where the tragedies of WW2 had an impact that Amsterdam still feels today.

Local guides add their own experience with Amsterdam, mixing the old with the new. Giving you the chance to see Amsterdam through the eyes of people that know the city very well.

Highlights: Old city gate , Jewish Quarter, Rembrandt house, Canal houses, bookmarket at the University of Amsterdam, anonymous art, Begijnhof (oldest inner courtyard), hidden church, Amsterdam Museum (with gallery), Canal Belt (World Unesco Inheritance) ,East India trading company, cheese tasting, smallest house, Royal Palace, Old Church, Red Light District.

Length: 2,5 – 3 hours

Language: English

A reservation is needed

Meeting point: Nieuwmarkt (square), in front of café restaurant De Waag .

This is the old city gate (looks like a castle) in the middle of the square. View on map.

It is a 5-10 min. walk from Dam Square or Central Station.

This is a free tour, tip based only

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